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We bring the veterinary clinic to you. Our mobile pet care facility is stocked with the latest medical, diagnostic, surgical equipment. We bring the following services right to your front door:

​         1.  Wellness Exams


Pets respond much better to medical checkups when they feel comfortable and safe, and a personal house call ensures your pet receives customized veterinary service in a stress-free space. Regular visits help us get to know your pet’s individual needs, and allow for early diagnosis of potential health issues before they turn into serious problems.

         2.  Dental Care

         3.  Hospice Care

         4.  X-rays

         5.  Spays / Neuters

         6.  Pet Medication / Pharmacy

     Our mobile veterinary facility has a complete pet med pharmacy so we can provide you with the required pet medication. For your convenience, we also have an online pharmacy.

          7.  Puppy / Kitten Care Consultations

          8.  Sick Pet Care Consultations

          9.  Compassionate in-home euthanasia

          10. Vaccinations

          11.  Lab Services

          12.  Orthopedic Surgeries

          13.  Oncology

          14.  Quality of Life Examination

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