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Why The Name Willow?

The name Willow Run Mobile Veterinary Clinic was inspired by a very special cat named Willow, Willow lived near an elementary school and became somewhat of a celebrity as she helped school children cross the road. Eventually she fell very ill and a good Samaritan brought her to see Dr Ulbrich and Dr MacPhail. It took over 6 months of intensive care to nurse her back to health. She stole everyone's hearts and therefore it was an easy decision to adopt her. Willow loved her new family and was immensely grateful for her new life. She developed a deep bond with the Doctor's children and was always found sleeping in their beds. Willow developed a brain tumor and passed away 2 years ago. This was around the same time Dr Ulbrich and Dr MacPhail had made the decision to sell their busy 24/7 veterinary practices. This decision allowed the Doctors to focus on their family, clients and patients. It was only fitting to name their new mobile veterinary practice after the most loved cat ever. 

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